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aurogra 100 mg  is similar to Viagra. It contains sildenafil citrate, the same drug found in Viagra. Thus, Aurogra 100mg is also called the “Generic Viagra”.

Dosage of Aurogra available Online.


Aurogra is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in male. Impotency is treated by Aurogra. You must consult your doctor before starting this medicine as Aurogra is considered very sensitive. Before starting this medicine you should reveal all your other health conditions you have ever had with doctor this will help in getting best suitable dosage of aurogra 100 mg online for you. Proper medical supervision and guidance is important before starting pills for sexual dysfunction. Generally healthcare provider suggests Aurogra and you can purchase Aurogra online from any pharmacy shop. Buying Aurogra 100mg online is the wise step.

How Does Aurogra Pills Works?

Aurogra has a unique style of working on men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The release of the component cGMP chemical into the body post the consumption of this medicine is very ideal. Aurogra gets mixed into the blood which expands the blood vessels and the blood later streams to the male organ. This is what prompts erection, which is the most crucial part of sexual intercourse. aurogra 100 mg side effects is a PDE-5 inhibitor that gives rise to nitric oxide development. This brings about the muscles around the sexual organ to unwind and additionally clears each blockage that prevents blood from entering into the male sexual organ. So, once the male organ receives enough blood erections are stronger. This medicine can be purchased ant any store or it can be bought online too. It is the most ideal approach to battle erectile dysfunction or even loose erections. For a man, ED like issues can frequently accelerate numerous other problems like low self esteem and confidence.


  • changes in your hearing
  • skin irritations
  • problems in breathing
  • swelling of the lips, face or the tongue
  • changes in your vision
  • painful erection
  • seizures, and
  • difficulties in distinguishing colours.

Warnings of Aurogra

Do not buy aurogra 100mg online if you are having severe kidney or liver disorder.

This drug shouldn’t be consumed with alcohol as it lower the blood pressure value to dangerous level.

Aurogra 100mg and nitrate drug combination is not good for heart’s health.

Consume the medication on an empty stomach or after a less oily food to facilitate proper absorption of the drug.

It is the ideal dosage for men but it can be changes as per the requirement.

Allergic events are possible with the chemical present in the drug. If such situation occurs, then stop consuming aurogra 100 mg price in usa and see your doctor.


Doctor’s supervision is must for taking Aurogra pills.

Never take Aurogra pills if you are taking any other medicine which contains Nitrates.

In all instances it is recomend that you seek medical advice to establish if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.

For the treatment of Angina generally Nitrates drugs are very common.

Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide Mononitrate and Isosorbide Dinitrate these are the examples of Nitrates.

Amyl Nitrate (known as Poppers) also contains Nitrates which is a recreational drug.

Consult you doctor if you are unsure about Nitrates and find out if any medicine you are taking contains Nitrates.

Blood pressure drops to unsafe level if you take aurogra 100 mg how to take with any medicine which contains Nitrates.

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Aurogra | Aurogra 100 mg | Buy Aurogra Pills Online